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Those interested in Human Potential - Join Us

Some friends and I have started a website and hopefully a school dedicated to Frank Herberts view of human potential. We are starting to structure ourselves as a school. We are taking on tasks of discovering methods and successes in mental/physical training. Anyone who is insterested should follow this link:</font>.

What we are looking for is people who will take on tasks of learning these skills and evaluating different program for their effectiveness. What you would get in return is other people's lessons and evaluations so that we may build up enough knowledge and skills to realize more of our potential. Just take a look and tell me what you think?
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If you're interested in Frank Herbert's theories on human intelligence and its development, you might find the following book posted online (by its author) interesting.

Tim O'Reilly wrote this work years ago, and discusses the evolution of Herbert's philosophy and his ideas on how superhuman abilities could be developed in relatively ordinary human beings. It's a fascinating piece. The book covers the early part of Herbert's career, up through the publication of Children of Dune.

If you're interested in the development of the human mind through diligent effort/exercise, you might find the following sites interesting. -- Dr. Wenger gives the bulk of his core techniques away for free online, and it's surprising just how effective (not to mention how simple and easy) they actually are. Dr. Wenger is also interested in creating a Renaissance University that utilizes an array of accelerated learning and creativity-expanding techniques (not just his own) to further enhance the learning experience. He is working with a number of people who are dedicated to this idea, and would undoubtedly welcome more.

His links page...

...lists some additional resources in this field.

You might also find the Imagestream and Mindlist discussion groups on Yahoo interesting.

Imagestream definitely covers such topics, and I believe Mindlist does also, though I don't frequent it nearly enough. Still, it should have some useful info on hypnosis and NLP if you search its archives.

Good luck with what you're doing. I suspect there are a lot of people out there who believe that human beings can be much more than they presently are... or who are simply fed up with the educational system. I'm sure you could muster a lot of help on line, if you came up with a clear plan of action and effective ways for people to contribute to your work.

Warm greetings to all,

Thanks for posting the links on both websites....I've always have been a fan of Oreilly Press's computer books. I've never visited the website or even realized all the different stuff Tim O'Reilly is into. I'm truly amazed.

The Project Renaissance link page also seems fruitful.

There are so many things that can be done with the Bene Gesserit Organization, but a clear plan of action is very difficult to arrive at with so many differing viewpoints and opinions. My vision (which admittedly is not held by all) is to start out by collecting information from the web, from published books, and from instructors when possible and/or necessary. Using a modified "black ball" system, we evaluate these programs for accuracy/usefullness, and publish resources on the BG webpage. The intermediate goal is to have a course of study that can be measured in (a few) years that an adult or adolescent can achieve an improvement in mental/emotional/physical skills. The second step is to develop an educational system for younger students, because I believe that these skills are best learned with the host of other life skills at a very young age. The final goal is to create and spread a "Bene Gesserit" school or at least a schooling format that stresses a balanced and abilities based education.

Other views range from wanting a simple "fansite" to full-blown "university". If you've read the forum, I'm sure you've gotten an eye-full of these opinions.

Now, I'm going to ask you. How do you think would be the best way to proceed? There are some (about 6 or so) fairly dedicated registered members, who are ready to work in a given direction. I'm willing to take some criticism / advice right now.
Has this site moved?
I was sent to Iraq, and by the time I got enough communication to get back to the BG website, it has closed down, I don't know why.

I tried to get in touch with the site's own to no avail.

I'm thinking about starting LJ community (or simply posting in this one) trying to coordinate all our searches for useful techniques.

It was a really good site, eventhough it would go on in spurts then level off for a while. Don't know where everybody has gone off to since I kept my contacts on the website. It's a real bummer.
I wasn't able to follow the link. I received a system error message.
Has the site been removed?

Regardless, I greatly commend you on what you are attempting. I feel that by taking on tasks of discovering methods and successes in mental/physical training, it could ultimately lead to perfection. Whether it be personal perfection, or a greater cause.

I just wish that the link had worked for me. I am very interested.
My apologies. I have a rule in community posting that I post my comment before reading those of others. The reason for this being: I am strongly opposed to the "bandwagon syndrome." In this instance, perhaps I should have read the comments first.

I shall now retreat to follow the links posted by the anonymous poster.

Thanks again!