ennui is for suckers (t3dy) wrote in mentatics,
ennui is for suckers

well met and welcom

hiya folks. just discovered this list and must say, what a cool idea. i'm stoked to be here.

quik rundown/brief tour of my "constellation of interests" in these regions: ages 15-16 dune chronicles (all, wrote a paper for high school on the dune series junior year) and neal stephenson's snow crash (want to be a neurolinguistic hacker) as well as r.u. sirius and the mondo crew's cyberpunk fakebook and william burroughs (the job, thinking in associational blocks), aldous huxley, timothy leary and intro to psychedelia at 16, william james' writings on nitrous oxide; music of tori amos, tool, they might be giants 17-19 videodrome, philip k dick and reality breakdown, rigorous academic philosphy, mostly analytic (of mind, language, science, biology, presocratics, plato, aristotle) kafka, borges and the permutations of infinite formal systems, terence mckenna and lots of stuff, robert anton wilson and reality tunnel metaprogramming, new age stuff like antlantis and channeling; 20-21 gnosticism, cabala, sufi teaching stories (paper for educational psychology class, occult tarot (aleister crowley thoth deck), castaneda and gonzo shamanism/sorcery, john lilly and sensory deprivation, hakim bey's immediatism, ontological anarchy and poetic terrorism, zardoz, dead can dance and "medicine" music, hermetics and the golden dawn, alchemy, math rock 22-23 , lovecraft and cthulhu mythos in the context of lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and waking up screaming; frances yates on giordano bruno's art of memory, techgnosis and writings of erik davis, mcluhan and media society as extended nervous system, henry corbin and mystical phenomenology, julian jaynes bicameral mind theory, ioan couliano eros and magic, continental philosophy (derrida, baudrillard's hyperreal, deleuze and guattari), pascal and kierkegaard,

one thing i've written that i'm somewhat happy with:

working on two books right now.
http://www.livejournal.com/~euclidean castle

my most recent profound illuminating experience was a radiohead concert tuesday the 23rd.

last time i took a good hard look at dune chronicles 1-3 was last fall, i was amazed at how much new stuff i picked up that just didn't occur to me last reading
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