Cuivenar (cuivenar) wrote in mentatics,

Another interesting question....

I found this article on a blog concerning faith and reason...thought I'd post it here and see if there are any other opinions.

The question that the Edge proposed is: What do you believe that is not true?

The World Question Center</font>

Here is one of the many responses:
"I can't prove it, but I am pretty sure that people gain a selective advantage from believing in things they can't prove. I am dead serious about this. People who are sometimes consumed by false beliefs do better than those who insist on evidence before they believe and act. People who are sometimes swept away by emotions do better in life than those who calculate every move. These advantages have, I believe, shaped mental capacities for intense emotion and passionate beliefs because they give a selective advantage in certain situations."

Is there a selective advantage to belief systems?

The drawbacks of such systems are all around us: Bigotry, religious conflict, willfull ignorance and political shortsightedness, but the advantages would be something to look at so that instead of constantly combatting belief systems, they can be coopted and their energy tranformed.
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